Christophe Marchesseau,
Saint Barthélémy (St Barth.)

Christophe Marchesseau a licensed masseur-physiotherapist, is the founder of the Physio-Spa concept.

  • Christophe Marchesseau is the first to take massage-physiotherapy out of its traditional places of practice (doctors' offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers) and to propose a new space marrying traditional spa wellness treatments with therapeutic treatments.
  • Through the label Excellence des Sens, the avant-gardist principle behind concept of the Physio-Spa envisages the possibilities of the spa of the future, a world where the body is treated as a whole by professionals setting a standard of excellence through their knowledge.
  • Christophe Marchesseau graduated as a » Best of France 2011 Hands « with the 1st prize in the category of Wellness Massage Toning.