Christophe Marchesseau,

a licensed masseur-physiotherapist, is the founder of the Physio-Spa concept.

  • He is the first to take massage-physiotherapy out of its traditional places of practice (doctors' offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers) and to propose a new space marrying traditional spa wellness treatments with therapeutic treatments.
  • Through the label Excellence des Sens, the avant-gardist principle behind concept of the Physio-Spa envisages the possibilities of the spa of the future, a world where the body is treated as a whole by professionals setting a standard of excellence through their knowledge.
  • He graduated as a » Best of France 2011 Hands « with the 1st prize in the category of Wellness Massage Toning.


  • Upon acquiring his diploma in massage-physiotherapy from the medical faculty of Lyon in 1994, Christophe Marchesseau devoted himself to physical therapy for luxury clients in the South of France. His intuition soon told him that the field of massage-physiotherapy could be expanded by combining it with the natural benefits of places already focusing on relaxation and well-being.
  • His desire to connect relaxation and treatment centers led him to diversify his professional experience and continue to perfect his technical know-how by conceiving the idea of massage booths in thalassotherapy centers in Courchevel and Megeve.
  • In 1996 he was the first to bring a complete massage booth to Tahiti Beach in Ramatuelle and then introduced the « Cellu M6 », the first massage machine, to St. Tropez, a beach resort.
  • When his St. Tropez clients invited him to Paris, he settled there and opened the spa in the Hotel Coste and the Four Season Spa at the Hotel Georges V, as well as performing home-based treatments.
  • Whilst practicing as a masseur at the Hotel Bristol he met Dominique Renauld, a renowned osteopath and one of the « masters » in Paris. He agreed to share his knowledge with Christophe Marchesseau and took him on as an apprentice for four years during which time the young physiotherapist expanded his repertoire from luxury treatments to artful physical therapy.
  • During his travels of treating his international clientele, especially American clients, Christophe Marchesseau discovered the French Antilles islands. He felt that here he could further the beliefs that were close to his heart: that of using nature to benefit the body and of well-being. Thus, in 2002 he opened his own massagephysiotherapy practice on the island of St. Barts.
  • Boosted by his wide professional experiences, Christophe Marchesseau further demonstrated his forward-thinking vision when he created the concept of the Physio-Spa. On the basis of this notion he conceived the design of a new space, given a commercial seal, devoted to both wellness and to beauty and therapeutic treatments. Excellence des Sens- Physio-Spa opened on St. Barts in January 2007.
  • In parallel to these developments Christophe Marchesseau expanded his idea by creating Consulting and Franchise Centers for his Excellence des Sens label, the concept of which has been exported for two years now. He continues to enhance his own knowledge through further training in France and abroad - most recently during a trip to Thailand - which allows him to keep expanding his Physio-Spa.