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Spa Excellence Des Sens
since 2007
Cour Vendôme
Saint Barths


Welcome to St Barts,

Located on the 3rd floor of the luxurious Cour Vendôme (Louis Vuitton, Bulgari...) in the heart of Gustavia, we invite you to discover our MASSAGE SIGNATURE, with the French Award « Best deep tissue massage 2011 ».
Our holistic vision will allow your mind and body to regain a natural balance, through the Art of Massage, face and body care, postural treatments, acupuncture, Private yoga session and self-development.
Personnalized treatments offering patients a true identity, proof of the knowledge of the professionals at Excellence des Sens® with the sole purpose of meeting your specific needs.
Our services are also available at home, in your villa, hotel, yacht…
We hope that we have inspired you to share a moment of authenticity with us...



Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage

Swedish and intuitive massage relieve minor muscle pain and improve the body drainage.
55 / 85 min - 180 € / 245 € by assitant.

Deep tissue massage

Deep massage using mobilizations, stretching and working on the fascia allowing the muscles to relax more easily. Ideal for releasing tension and relieving chronic pain.
55 / 85 min - 180 € / 245 € by assitant.

Healing Massage

Discover the benefits of acupuncture combined with a deep and relaxing massage to rebalance your vital energy, eliminate physical pain and boost your immune system.
For a body in perfect harmony...

55 / 85 min - 180 € / 245 € by assitant.

Metameric Massage

Relieve the deepest tensions, both emotional and physical thanks to these specific techniques acting on the peripheral nervous system. A personalized treatment, mixing palper-rouler, intuitive deep massage and plantar reflexology.
55 / 85 min - 180 € / 245 €.

Feet, hands and craniofacial Reflexology

Reflexology energizes the body, harmonizes vital functions, releases stress and nervous tension and provides deep relaxation. This practice is based on the precept that each organ, part of the body or physiological function corresponds to an area or point on the hands, feet, ears or head. A specific touch on these areas thus helps to locate and dissipate tensions in order to restore the balance of the body.
Rock crystal or quartz will accompany you during your treatment. It is a beneficial tool for energy rebalancing, bringing vitality and comfort. The crystal unlocks, channels energies and eliminates negativity.

55 / 110 min - 180 € / 345 €.


Body work, alternative therapy using therapeutic touch on the bones and fascias, applying light technique to manipulate cranium, sacrum, spine and visceral areas to regulate the flow of cerebral spinal and aids in primary respiration disovered by Dr Sutherland in the 20th century. A great experience to softly rebalance the body.
55 min - 245 €.

Christophe Marchesseau confidential massage

30 years of experience and an avant-garde vision to bring physical therapy and osteopathy into the world of spa and wellness, Christophe, elected best hands of france in 2011 for his massage signature, makes you discover a specialty that his international clientele, expert in the field, truly appreciates.
Maintain your main house and discover its secrets that you did not suspect exist; become aware through this holistic massage that dialogues with your biomechanical, energetic and spiritual structures.

85 min - 345 €.

Excellence des Sens Facial

Excellence des Sens Facial

This exceptional facial treatment meets a global vision of the health of the skin, reflecting the well being of our body.

The face, neck, rib cage, diaphragm will be treated manually by specific massage techniques aimed at releasing the deep tensions that impede the good vascular, venous, lymphatic, respiratory and energetic circulation. We indicate to the body by our hand its path of natural balance.

This is followed by the cleansing of the skin that finds brightness and tone, for a lasting result, visibly younger.

The art facial care is highlighted by our new line of pure, organic and concentrated care that is part of the new cosmetic moment. An intelligent cosmetic, reasonable, ecological.
90 min - 245 €.

Transpersonal therapy

La thérapie transpersonnel Excellence Des Sens

In the multi-layered world of transformation, there is no blanket formula that will work for every individual. In your Coming Home healing session,which begins with a conversation to address your needs, Diana uses a combination of therapeutic modalities that may include past life work, channeling, kinesiology, soul retrieval, digito-pressure, bio-energetic tuning and energetic tracking. The Coming Home treatment improves the spiritual and emotional registries of your life, giving way to acceptance that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful. This treatment is also a wonderful healing for couples experiencing difficulties or looking to deepen their relationship.
55 / 85 min - 225 € / 300 €.

Excellence Des Sens Body Treatment

Excellence Des Sens Body Treatment

Steam room + Ice foutain + body scrub.
85 min - 210 €.

Workshop Movement

Workshop Movement

GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, personal training, power plate, postural treatment.
55 min - 150 €.

Private Yoga (Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Postural Alignment and Vinyasa)
1-2 student(s) 180€.
40 € for each additional student.


Christophe Marchesseau Physical therapist osteopath.
Christophe Marchesseau
Owner of the Spa Excellence des Sens in 2007
Physical therapist & osteopath.

Based on the island since 2002 Best hands of France in 2011 LA MER® Massage Ambassador since 2016 Honored judge of Best hands of France in 2018 and 2019 IMA (International Massage Association) The world Massage championship ambassador in 2019
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Sophie Arnaud Excellence des Sens Spa Manager and beauty therapist.
Sophie Arnaud
Excellence des Sens Spa Manager and beauty therapist.

Expert in beauty for more than 15 years, Sophie adept of authenticity, natural health and beauty and eco-responsibility join the team in 2014 by bringing its expertise. Certified as Christophe Marchesseau's Relaxing Massage. Trainer of this massage signature since 2015. La Mer facial care trainer in 2016. She develops the Excellence des Sens Facial in collaboration with Christophe. Sophie likes to bring as much kindness to her clients as to her 2 wonderful children.

Catia Loureiro Spa Manager Assistant.
Catia Loureiro
Spa Manager Assistant.

After several experiences in the luxury hotel industry, Catia joined the team in 2018 as an assistant spa manager. Of Portuguese origin and fluent in English, French and Spanish, Catia is at your service at the Spa for any appointment or specific request.

Virginie Arnaise Acupuncturist / Masseuse.
Virginie Arnaise
Acupuncturist / Masseuse.

Virginie is graduated in chinese medecine. After spending ten Years as a spa manager in St Barthélémy her own health journey brought her to acupuncture that's she studied to be Certified 3-year training + 2 years of Tuīná specializations at the European College for Research and Study in Chinese Medicine. Formed by Mr Philippe TOUSSAINT, former Honorary President of the F.N.M.T.C, she specialized in aesthetic acupuncture techniques.

Olivier Dorne Osteopath D.O
Olivier Dorne
Osteopath D.O,

Trainer to the tissue osteopathy of Pierre Tricot The osteopathy that I practice is based on the intuitive perception of the consciousness of the body system that will guide me to the patient's energy and tissue retentive zones. I thus contact tissue memories and, thanks to tissue interrogation, the causes of retentions are updated and released, whether traumatic, emotional or metabolic. The liberation of the tissues of the body facilitates the work of personal development of the mind.

Diana Bourel Yoga instructor.
Diana Bourel
Yoga instructor.

Diana Bourel is an American-Ecuadorian yoga instructor, transpersonal therapist and writer based in St. Barts with over 20 years experience in the field of wellness. She blends Eastern philosophy and medicine with Western techniques , combining indigenous and contemporary healing traditions to improve the physical, emotional, spiritual and physical registries of the contemporary human experience. Diana is certified in yoga therapy, Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga. The aggregate knowledge of these different yoga styles are phrased to create an educational approach that gets students thinking. Heightened mobility, balance and mind/body awareness are the result.
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Kim - Sylvie Millerot.
Kim - Sylvie Millerot.

Ex-professional dancer (music-hall, etc.) : Ballet, modern and jazz. Dance teacher and choreographer. Wedding choreographer and Licensed GYROKINESIS® trainer.

Our range Ma therapie

For face care

MA THÉRAPIE : a new line of pure, organic and concentrated treatments for the beauty of the skin and the balance of the body.
Created by Céline Julien, a naturopath based in Paris, MA THERAPIE is a new line of treatments that responds in a natural, specific and respectful way to the real needs of the skin: cleansing, hydration, external and internal protection.

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